If you are interested in booking Dallas Area Paranormal Society to speak at your Library, event, or in a group setting, please email tonya.daps@gmail.com.  DAPS has several different paranormal topics available for presentation.  Topics can be modified for specific age groups and group sizes.
Please email for availability or to request a time and date.

DAPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study and data collection of the paranormal.  Our mission is to, first and foremost, assist and educate clients who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon by providing rational explanations or validation by means of hard data about the occurrences.  We also strive to further the field of paranormal research by validating phenomenon through the use of data collection by use of photography, audio, video, as well as other acceptable methods in the field.

DAPS consists of a group of open minded professionals who are not amateurs, beginner or thrill seekers, and who have experienced varying degrees of paranormal activity in their lives.  The Investigators are dedicated to helping others understand what they are experiencing.   We do not claim to be the experts but we do take what we do very seriously.  We try to pool the talent in this organization to yield the best results for the clients.  Our team members have been trained by prominent groups in the paranormal field and vetted by the founders of DAPS.  We do not allow untrained personnel in the field unless they are accompanied by a seasoned and experienced Investigator.

All clients and data collected are confidential and are not shared with any other group or media outlet unless given permission by the client.  Any information, photographs, audio, video, or other evidence gathered are considered property of DAPS and will remain confidential unless consent is given to share for educational or research purposes.  It is the choice of the client what or how much they wish to share.  However, we will not release names and addresses for obvious reasons.  DAPS holds client confidentiality in the highest regard and takes the protection of privacy very seriously.

DAPS does not limit the investigations we do to the Dallas metroplex.  We have traveled as far south as San Antonio and have gone as far north as the Red River area.  We go where we are needed most as where we feel is a priority location.  We also do not strictly investigate private residences.  We investigate homes, apartments, businesses and historical sites. 

DAPS does not charge for investigations.  We are a not-for-profit organization so any donations are appreciated but not required.  After the investigation, we will review the collected evidence, gather any possible phenomenon and review with the client.  At this point, if anyone is not comfortable with the evidence, we will make every attempt to assist in any required adjustments.  We have many connections in the paranormal and metaphysical community to help deal with experiences that can be confusing or disruptive.  We are only a phone call away for those in need.



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